The Pharos Wyrm

As the winter Solstice approaches, Pharos post commemorates two of the island’s festive traditions. Harnham & Hailey’s International Circus has ended its annual season on Pharos and then taken up winter quarters on the island for 100 years, commemorated in a 12p stamp.

The Pharos Wyrm, a small, friendly and docile dragon first recorded in the 10th century is remembered in a £3 triangle stamp. Having been banished by a vindictive prelate in 1183 the Wyrm only emerges on the summer and winter solstices, and it is considered a great honour if the Wyrm chose your fireside to curl up in front of.

december wyrm 001 56s december cover 001 56c

december comp slip 001 57

december sheet 001 58 december extra cover 001 59   december ticket 001 60

The Pharos Wyrm

SK NumberTypeDescription
5672£3 Green
56sMiniature sheet of 4
56cUsed alone on cover
5773Harnam and Hailey insert
587412p multicoloured
5975Kinetic Keith Kover
6076Entrance Ticket

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