Issued in November 2012

In the month of shades and shadows, a brave captain and his ship are commemorated in November’s issue.  Laden with gunpowder, the Coromandel was in Port Winstanley in November 1748 undergoing repairs when it caught fire. Single-handed, the captain set enough sail to pull the ship out of harbour, saving the town and people from the huge explosion which inevitably followed. Every 33 years since the spectral apparition of the Coromandel has re-visited the scene of the disaster. Weather permitting.

coromandel single 001 54    coromandel cover 001 54c

coromandel sheet 001 54s

nov 2012 comp slip 001 55


SK No.TypeDescription
547011 Pence Rose, Grey and Cream
54bMissing Pennants Beamer
54sSheet of 35
54cPair used on cover
5571Provident Leader insert

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