Corsican School of Dance Postcard

In September 2012 collectors received a mysterious postcard from ‘L’.  The picture showed L’Ecole De Danse Nationale at Cap Guissani on Corsica.

Despite being posted in the UK, on the front was a charity stamp 2c+1c showing the founder of the school with a decidedly early 70s hairstyle.  The message on the back differed from postcard to postcard, but included variations on a theme of the opportunity to eat and drink for free; just dance away – two step, foxtrot or bossanova.

After some excellent detective work on the Cinderella Stamps Forum the prankster was revealed.  In his own words “Why? Purely because of the misheard lyrics.  Earlier this year, someone I know went to Corsica and I happened to mention the L Sayer Dance School to them.  They couldn’t find it – but brought me home the postcard.  So it just evolved and I knew it had to become a stamp – and that everyone here would piece the rest of the puzzle together quickly enough.

Of course I can dance

Of course I can dance



2012 Christmas

Probably a last minute compromise to provide a seasonal issue, the Corsican stamps were decorated by hand (possibly Tippex and pen) with a traditional addition. The actual numbers of which decoration on which coloured stamp is probably unknown, thus those known to exist are catalogued.

37 bb  38a bb  38b bb

Corsican School of Dance

SK NumberTypeDescription
112c + 1c tan
1cChristmas overprint - Santa hat
22c + 1c wine red
2cChristmas overprint - floppy santa hat
32c + 1c mauve
42c + 1c purple
52c + 1c turquoise
62c + 1c olive
6cChristmas overprint - Rudolf decoration

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