Radio Seren

Ship to Shore post of Radio Seren

Pirate pop radio evolved in the UK during the 1960s to challenge the BBC’s mediocre output and monopoly of the airwaves. Welsh based Radio Seren was in the vanguard of this movement, and had one feature missing from the more familiar names – a ship to shore postal service from the G.S. Venus for the DJs to reply to their numerous and adoring fans.

The common stamp used showed an image of the Venus, but different issues commemorated events in the history of the station. It would seem that life aboard was rather eventful, with some rather fanciful stories (perhaps retellings of other more familiar events). A couple of the more famous DJs also had their own stamps printed, while a rather famous New York pop artist provided a take on one his own works for another rather collectable stamp.

Like all the other pirate stations Radio Seren effectively came to an end in 1968 with the launch of Radio One, the DJs finding work opening supermarkets or doing travel reports for local radio, and the Venus finding retirement at the bottom of the Bristol Channel.

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Radio Seren

SK NumberType Description
263191Ship stamp for the Whale incident 15-09-1964 - pink
264Ship stamp for The Typhoon 17-11-1964 - deep blue
265Ship stamp for The Albatross Incident 28-09-1965 - orange
266Ship stamp for the Dysentery Outbreak 17-06-1966 - violet
267Ship stamp for the Boarding Party 29-08-1966 - green
268Ship stamp for Old Bailey Trial 03-1967 - yellow
269Ship stamp for the 5th Anniversary of the Iceberg 04-1967 - pale blue
269rDitto with rainbow lettering
270192Joci Jones - multicoloured
271193Sion the Sheep - multicoloured
272194Soup Cam pop art stamp - red black and gold

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