200 Years of Ballooning

Issued in September 2012

In shades of sepia and black, the sheet commemorates the first 100 years of ballooning on Pharos, from James Sadler’s first crossing to the mainland in 1812, complete with Ballast, the cat, to Dick Branston’s home-built balloon flown 100 years later.

The multi-colour mini-sheet brings the story up to date, with this month’s Balloon Festival marking the 200th anniversary.

Extra stamp:

The Cornet Folly 40p, in shades of pistachio and coffee, featuring the last resting place of Francesco Minghellato, founder of Pharos’ leading ice-cream manufacturer, which is celebrating its centenary this year.

sept cover 001 50c

sept balloon sheet 001 49s

sept minisheet 001 50s

sept comp slip 00151

200 Years of Ballooning

SK numberTypeDescription
486418p James Sadler Balloon in Sepia and Black
48bExtra Flag Beamer
496519p Dick Branston in Sepia and Black
49bReversed Sky Beamer
49sSheet of 40 (20 of each value)
50662012 Balloon Festival - Multicoloured
50cTypes 64, 65 and 66 on commemorative cover
50sMiniature sheet of 4
5167Minghellato Ice Cream insert

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