Sully Island Local Post

Sully Island is a small uninhabited island off the south coast of Wales between Cardiff and Barry. A local post operated to the mainland from 1967 to 1970 for those intrepid enough to venture across to post a letter. I say intrepid because firstly one can only cross to Sully on foot at the lowest tides and the postbox is at the far end of the island. The tides that protect its privacy are amongst to fastest and most dangerous in the world. If you dally admiring the view by the postbox you will get cut off for the next 11 hours or so.

The stamps show the history of the island. Featured are Alfredo de Marisco the 13th Century pirate who had Sully as a base, the smugglers of the 1700s, and the Antarctic survey vessel Scotia which its days on the beach. There is also a pair with what’s claimed to be a pirate map with a cryptic X marls the spot!

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Sully Island Local Post

SK NumberTypeDescription
2561842d red and grey Pirate ship
2571852d red and grey Smugglers
2581862d red and grey alternative Smugglers
2591872d blue and grey S.Y.Scotia
2601882d blue and grey wreck on the beach
2611892d green and browns map left stamp
2621902d green an browns map right stamp
262x2d map stamps pair
262y2d map stamps pair wrong way round

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