Pharos Gold Rush

First Issued in July 2012

The centenary of the Pharos Gold Rush is commemorated with two stamps featuring its leading men: Basil Sackbutt, the geology student who discovered gold at the drop of a hat, and Albert Clawhammer, whose good fortune breathed new life into an ailing ale house.

july singles 001 43 & 42

july cover 001 43c

july sheet scan 001 43s

july comp slip 001 44

Pharos Gold Rush

SK NumberTypeDescription
42587p Basil Sackbutt - Gold & Sepia
42bSuckbatt beamer
43597p Albert Clawhammer - Gold & Sepia
43bExtra foliage beamer
43sSheet of 36 - 18 of each stamp
43cPair, used on cover
4460Dragon's Breath Inn insert

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