Flora of Pharos

Issued April 2012

Honeysuckle and broom are the featured blossoms of this month’s issue, sponsored by the Pharos Distilling Company. Allegedly both plants are used to flavour their new designer gin.

The cover carries two stamps illustrating Bifasti Island, with its enigmatic beacon lit and unlit.

april stamps 001 34 & 35 april cover 001 36c

april sheet 001 34s  april insert 001 37

Flora of Pharos

SK numberTypeDescription
34504p Honeysuckle, multicoloured
35514p Broom, Ladies Bedstraw, Bog Myrtle, multicoloured
34sSheet of 36
36526p Bifasti Island, Beacon Lit, grey, blue and orange
36a6p Bifasti Island, beacon unlit
36cBifasti pair se tenant used on cover
3753Lighthouse Gin insert

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