Come to Wales

In the 1920s, as a result of post-war blues, the Swansea flu epidemic and a plague of the Laver Weevil, Welsh tourism needed a shot in the arm to boost visitors.  Well-meaning though this label issue was, it was not as successful as it could have been.

Photographer Antwn Wyddfa and designer John Williamson managed to produce these stamps without speaking together.  Williamson, unable to speak Welsh, relied on a man in his local pub to translate the apparent leisure activities that Wyddfa photographed.  Wyddfa was more used to photographing mundane everyday life and just submitted a selection from his collection.  The man in the pub had to have his little joke, hence the rather unusual labelling of the stamps.  Here are a selection of eight that typify the issue.  They are more sought out by collectors now than they were at the time.

Wyddfa gave up photography soon afterwards when visitors to his exhibitions tried to out-do these captions for the photos on show.

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Come To Wales

SK numberTypeDescription
240168Extreme Dressage
241169Geology for Genteel Ladies
242170Miniature Log flume
243171Karting by Rail
244172Mass Assisted Potholing
245173Riverboating with Profits
246174Superfluous Bridges
247175Grumping with Attitude.

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