2012 St Valentine’s Day

The seventh annual Valentine’s Day issue from the Isle of Vue.  Issued on February 14th 2012

This Isle of Vue St Valentine’s Day stamp features two Lovebirds, originally taken to the Isle of Vue by foreign visitors but now found all over the island due to their prolific breeding habits (the birds that it!).

The Lovebirds pair up for life and spend most of their time preening each other and, as Mathilde-Rose Domineau Franq described it in the now rare Flora and Fauna of Laernu, written in more genteel times… ‘nest-making…’.

The stamps were illustrated by Alan Batlley and designed by Colin Edwards.  As usual there are a plethora additional items sufficient to make even the most hardened Cinderella philatelist drool.  As in 2011, members of the Cinderella Stamp Forum qualified for a special item, whilst those buying the full package received an extra unique gift.

55 55  55ap 55ap 55bv 55bv

55c insert 55c insert   55c 55c

55ct 55ct  55m 55m  55me 55me

55p 55p  55pe 55pe  55s 55s

55v 55v  55vs 55ve

2012 St Valentine's Day

SK NumberTypeDescription
55481 Fillis pink, pair of lovebirds (Together Forever)
55v1 Fillis variant (Forever Together)
55sSheet of 20 with one variant and one inverted stamp
55cStandard cover with 1F stamp and CoA insert
55ccDeluxe cover with standard and variant 1F stamps
55mSingle 1F stamp in minisheet
55meEnvelope for 1F minisheet
55pTwo stamp minisheet with standard stamp and special varant for Forum members
55peEnvelope for Forum members' minisheet
55apArtist’s proof sheet showing development of the stamp
55ctColour trial sheet imperforate with 8 stamps
55vValentine’s card for 2012 with standard variant
55veEnvelope for card
55bvPage from The Flora and Fauna of Laernu featuring the lovebirds of Afrque and L’Aise

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