Welsh Government in Exile

The True Welsh Government, as as it calls itself, claims to have been a government in exile since 1412, the year that Owain Glyndwr and his forces finally succumbed to the tactics of the English King Henry IV. Owain and trusted confidants withdrew to Brittany to await their chance to regain their Welsh nation.

The government appears in the historical records throughout the centuries, but only rarely and has had no influence on the outside world. It currently enacts a Welsh parliament and sends its decisions and recommendations to Cardiff and Westminster, which are dutifully ignored.

The first stamps were issued in 1887 and feature Glyndwr or Sir John Wynn ap Morys of Gwydir. In 1900 new stamps were issued showing just Glyndwr. These were green or, less commonly, brown. They marked the 500th anniversary of the Welsh Uprising, but modestly do not reflect this in their design. The 1926 stamp shows John Lewis an American sympathiser to the cause. The most recent stamps feature a variation on the arms of Glyndwr in the red and green of Wales, or yellow and black of St David.

There is a school of thought that this is an elaborate hoax, for purposes as yet unknown and that the historical documents mentioning the government are fakes inserted into the archives. Watch this space!

T159 229 T160 230 T161 231 T162 233 T163 235

Welsh Government in Exile

SK NumberTypeDescription
2291591887 Owain Glyndwr red
2301601887 Sir John Wyn red
2311611900 Owain Glyndwr green
231aDitto with hidden symbol 1
231bDitto with hidden symbol 2
231cDitto with mirrored head
2321900 Owain Glyndwr brown
2331621926 John Lewis black
233d1926 ‘salmon’ diabolo
2341631976 surface mail red and green
2351976 air mail yellow and black

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