Jack the Carrot Eater

First Issued in March 2012

This is the first issue of the series “Follies of Pharos” and shows a structure popularly known as “Jack the Carrot Eater”.

Jack was a footman at the Castle and was regularly required to carry messages to the mainland and he sustained himself on raw carrots and ale.  Although the Castle archives record the bills for the folly’s construction they make no mention of its purpose.  Fortunately a folly doesn’t have to make much sense.

PharosMar02 33 PharosMar01 33c

PharosMar04 33s

PharosMar06 34

Jack the Carrot Eater

SK NumberTypeDescription
334830p Purple and light Purple
33aSheet of 42
33b1767 beamer
33ggum on front of stamp
33cUsed on cover
3449Friends of Pharos Hospital insert

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