Dlejezti Local Post

A set or part set of 6 imperforate stamps supposedly issued during the last months of WW1 in the small southern Romanian town of Dlejezti. These stamps don’t appear to be listed anywhere and local or emergency posts are unusual in this time and place.

A search for the town, including a look up in a 1930 gazetter failed to locate it. It is highly likely these stamps are a bogus issue.

The designer is, of course, unknown as is the currency.

dl 1dl 2 2

dl 3dl 10 4

dl 20dl36 6

Dlejezti Local Post

SK NumberTypeDescription
111 Dlejezti Brown
22 Dlejezti Maroon
35 Dlejezti Olive Green
410 Dlejezti Blue-Green
520 Dlejezti Blue
636 Dlejezti Prussian Blue

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