St Dwynwens Island

This island otherwise known as Ynys Llanddwyn is linked to Anglesey at low tide.

It was the retreat of St Dwynwen who had a bad experience with her first boyfriend. So that others wouldn’t have the same troubles she got religion and became a hermit on the island. For this she became the Welsh equivalent of St Valentine.

Would-be lovers visit the island, some hoping for a sign from the eels that live in St Dwynwen’s Well. Since 1927 the hermits who have followed the saint have operated a postal service from the island for cards to be sent to loved ones on her feast day of Jan 26th.

T152 222 T153 223

T154 224 T155 225

T156 226 T158 227

St Dwynwen's Island

SK NumberTypeDescription
222152The Silver Eels stamp
223153The Silver Eels stamp
224154Lovers poetry stamp 1
225155Lovers poetry stamp 2
226156St Dwynwen's Cave
157St Dwynwen’s Cave and heart
227158Morning Pride Lighthouse
227dThe lighthouse ‘it's not a cormorant’ diabolo

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