Pharos Beacon

Issued in January 2012

Issued to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the Pharos Beacon.

The paper came into being in January 1762.  It immediately attracted the unwanted attention of a mainland imposed tax duty  which is commemorated in the new stamp issue largely because it effectively precipitated Pharos declaring independence a few months later.

Other papers followed – The Morning Glory, The Daily Distortion, The Warp and Weft – but only the Beacon has stood the test of time.  Proof sheets of tax stamp impressions dating back to the early days of the newspaper remain in the company’s archives and examples do pass into private hands from time to time.

Jan02 27 Jan01 27c

Jan03 27a Jan04 27i

Pharos Beacon

SK NumberTypeDescription
27451P Brown and parchment
27aSheet of 25
27bPlate number beamer
27cUsed alone on cover
27iImperforate on newsprint. Various plate numbers known.

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