2005 Laernu Sporten

A set of 8 stamps featuring the sporting games of Laernu, this initial set commemorates the sports of our year 2005.  The sports are labelled in the local Laernu Sporten vernacular. Like the Festival of Hats set each sheet contains a single variant stamp.  Additionally there are an unknown number of variants not available on the released sheets.  Some of these were used on post and others included in a Sporten Bonus Bag brown envelope. The non-sheet variants are numerous and include both a number of typical variants and a number of apparent printing errors, which may occur on both the usual stamps and the variants. It pays to look at your errors carefully! The extra variants were produced specifically with the purpose of decorating post, rather than collector’s items.

Fifteen stamps were issued in large format copper foil in a presentation folder.  These were prepared more as an experiment than as an addition to the Laernu range, but collectors were able to obtain examples. Each stamp was different, and the design chosen to help to test the copper foil printing. Some worked better than others. “Those copper foiled Sportens were an experiment I did when there was an expectation that a Discworld gold Dwarves, or Alchemists Guild stamp might be required. The processes available for our budgets at the time were particularly tricky and a bit hit-and-miss so I didn’t take it further. The stamps were of different designs, the idea being I wanted to see how the foil would react to different weights of line and dots – the point where it either blocked up or fell off. Not all the designs on the sheet were a success.”

They were issued in sheets 28.  Size 29×33 mm.  Perf 11.5 by Olathe Poste, USA

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2005 Laernu Sporten

SK NumberTypeDescription
21291F The Skullen (Rhodamine). Inscribed WASSARPULUNGE
21vSheet variant; rower looks left
21vpSheet variant joined pair
21sSheet of 28
21v1non-sheet variation - half mirrored images, vertical
21v2non-sheet variation - half mirrored images, horizontal
21p1Print variant with wide vertical pale band
21p2Print variant, the sheet variant with thin left and right marginal magenta bands
21p3Non-sheet variant; the sheet variant with blue magenta yellow and black vertical bands.
22302F The Waterwalkers (Blueberry). Inscribed SUBWASSER-VALLIKUNG
22vSheet variant; inverted image
22sSheet of 28
22v1Non-sheet variant; inverted image and mirrored top banner
22v2Non-sheet variation. Inverted image pair
22v3Non-sheet variant; right side mirrored on the left
22epcEarly print Turquoise pale figure print variant
22p1Non-sheet variation. green and yellow vertical bands
22p2Non-sheet variant; vertical central pink band
22p3Non-sheet variant; horizontal green band
23313F Bykern Cyclem (Ivyberry). Inscribed PEDDALLUNPUFFEN
23vSheet variant; helmet on backwards
23sSheet of 28
23v1Non-sheet variant ;inverted image
23v2Non-sheet variant; cracked image
23v3Non-sheet variant; mirrored image
23p1Non-sheet variation. Horizontal yellow band
23x1Large size gold foil stamp. 47x29mm Limited edition of 15. Mounted in folder with black envelope - gold Laernu frank.
24324F Divensplatten (Yorkenberry). Inscribed LEANOPSUNFLOOTEN
24vSheet variant; bald diver
24sSheet of 28
24v1Non-sheet variant; bearded diver
24x1Large size gold foil stamp with bald diver variant
25335F Sticklakkern (Orange). Inscribed BRAKUSBONEN
25vSheet variant; Shoe-laces untied
25sSheet of 28
25v1Non-sheet variant; missing right player
25v2Non-sheet variant; missing left player
25v3Non-sheet variant; missing both players
25v4Non-sheet variant; players swapped over
25x1Large size gold foil stamp with shoe lace variant. 47x39mm Limited edition of 15. Mounted in folder with black envelope – gold Laernu frank.
25x2Large size gold foil stamp with reversed players variant. 47x39mm Limited edition of 15. Mounted in folder with black envelope – gold Laernu frank
25x3Large size gold foil stamp 47*39mm Limited edition of 15 mounted in folder with black envelope - gold Laernu frank. No players variant
25x4Large size gold foil stamp with missing right player variant
26347F The Ice Glider (Chocolate). Inscribed SKOOTBOTWENSHUN
26vSheet variant; hovering skater
26v1Non-sheet variant; pair of stamps with hovering skaters
26x1Large size gold foil stamp with hovering skater variant
26sSheet of 28
27359F Racketten (Lilithberry). Inscribed HITHITHITHITBAKN
27vSheet variant; 2 rackets
27sSheet of 28
27vp1Non-sheet variant 2 rackets brown and cerise colour bands
27vp2Non-sheet variant; 2 rackets yellow vertical bands
27x1Large size gold foil stamp with 2 rackets variant. 47x39mm. Limited edition of 15. Mounted in folder with black envelope - gold Laernu frank
283611F Keekern Kupbooten (Mustard). Inscribed KEEPABOOTEN
28vsheet variant; ball kicked
28sSheet of 28
28vpsheet variant found as pair
28v1Non-sheet variant; 2 top halves of stamp joined to make one
28p1Non-sheet variant; multicoloured inverted colour blotches
28p2Non-sheet variant; sheet variant with purple stain
28p3Non-sheet variant; sheet variant with green and purple stains
28p4Non-sheet variation. Scratched image
28yLarge size gold foil stamp with the ball kicked sheet variant. 47*39mm Limited edition of 15 mounted in folder with black envelope - gold Laernu frank. Kupbooten sport


Wassarpulunge normal


Wassarpulunge variant


Subwasser Vallkung normal


Subwasser Vallkung variant


Leanopsunfloten normal


Leanopsunfloten variant


Skatnotwenmushun normal


Skatnotwenmushun variant


Hithithitbakun normal


Hithithitbakun variant


Kupbooten normal


Kupbooten variant

S0me Non-Sheet Variant Details

21v1 21v1  21v2 21v2  21p1 21p1  21p2 21p2  21p3 21p3

22v1 22v1  22v3 22v3  22p1 22p1  22p2 22p2

23v1 23v1 23v2 23v2  23v3 23v3 23p1 23p1  23x1 23×1

24v1 24v1

25v1 25v1  25v2 25v2  25v3 25v3  25v4 25v4

25x1 25×1  25x2 25×2

25x3 25×3  25x4 25×4

27v1 27v1  27vp2 27vp2

28v1 28v1  28p1 28p1  28p2 28p2  28p3 28p3  28x1 28×1


A Bonus from the designer!

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