Rufus Castle

First issued in December 2011

The core of the castle was constructed in the 14th century with additions in the 16th, 17th and 19th century and 20th century plumbing and lighting.

The castle contains a number of ghosts, secret passages and an obliette which no-one can remember where it is. The portcullis was removed in 2009 after it accidentally descended, injuring a hedge fund manager. As the injuries were not life threatening it was felt that the portcullis was therefore serving no useful purpose.

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Rufus Castle

SK NumberTypeDescription
274512p Black, Yellow and Plum Pudding Purple
27aSheet of 36
26bSnowman beamer - Three different design positions, total of 6 per sheet
26cUsed alone of cover
26i46Walter Lumready postal stationery envelope

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