Welsh Firsts

These are a set of Welsh Regional Commemorative stamps from 1994. They celebrate just a few of the things that Wales can claim to be first in.

Most people believe that the Wright Brothers were the first to achieve powered flight in 1903. How wrong they are! The 26p stamp shows Mr William Frost in his aircraft which he flew near his home in Saudersfoot back in 1896. Why isn’t he famous? Because he only had a few mates round to watch him, and a storm destroyed his craft before it could fly again. Also shown is a Sikorsky S51 which was used on the first helicopter passenger service from Cardiff to Liverpool via Wrexham in 1951.

The 20p celebrates the Swansea and Mumbles railway which was the first fee paying passenger rail service way back in 1804. During its lifetime it used horse, steam, electric, petrol, diesel and sail power which is another record. The stamp shows Dame Shirley Bassey at the 50th anniversary bash.

On the 37p stamp is Prince Owain ap Gwynedd, who was the first European to successfully colonise North America. Forget the Vikings, they packed up and went home. Madoc and his settlers struck north and integrated so well they were absorbed into the native culture.

The 43p stamp features Wrexham Lager, the first lager beer to be brewed in the UK. Though swallowed up and discontinued by the brewing giants, this brew is now available again after a 10 year absence. The stamp shows Dylan Thomas from his 1948 advertising endorsement of the beer.

SK134 200 SK135 201

SK136 202 SK137 203

Welsh Firsts

SK No.TypeDescription
20013426p Green Welsh Aviation Firsts
20113520p Red Welsh Railway Firsts
20213637p Blue Welsh Colonisation Firsts
20313743p Brown Welsh Brewing Firsts

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