Maravedas Islands

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Shrouded in mystery, the mythical Maravedas islands are said t0 appear to sailors in desperate need of a safe haven from stormy seas. Stories are told of hordes of treasure, buried by pirates and protected by ancient curses. All those who might attempt to steal their booty are doomed, never to leave the islands alive…

These are the first stamps issued for The Maravedas Islands, and their launch coincided with International Speak Like A Pirate Day on 19th September 2011, and were created by illustrator Alan Batley and designer Colin Edwards for Stampsmyth.

A 3 centavos stamp is accompanied by both a standard and a deluxe cover, and an A4 Archive artwork proof sheet showing the stamp’s development. Also included is the traditional Mythprint; a stamp within each sheet with deliberately different artwork somewhere in the design. Stamps were available as singles in a presentation envelope and in full sheets. There were also special extra envelopes that collectors had to qualify to receive.

arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr me ‘earties

12 1ms   3 2ms

4 1c

5 1d

6 1a

7 3 8 4 9 5

Maravedas Islands

SK NumberTypeDescription
113c Brown
1ms3c brown single-stamp miniature sheet in envelope SK3
1m3c missing skull mythprint
1s3c stamp full sheet of 20 stamps including one mythprint
1p3c brown pair tete-beche, normal and mythprint in envelope SK4
1cStandard cover with 3c brown (200 issued) with CoA
1dDeluxe cover with two 3c brown, normal and mythprint (25 issued) with CoA
1aA4 archive artwork proof sheet
2ms3c green and grey-brown single-stamp miniature sheet in envelope SK5
32Single stamp envelope (signed by artist and designer)
43Bonus envelope (signed by artist and designer)
54Cinderella Stamp Forum member’s bonus envelope (signed by artist and designer)

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