Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

The Diamond Scoals are sandbanks, 12 miles long and hidden just below the sea surface off the coast of North Carolina.

The first lighthouse was completed in 1802 but not lit until the following year.  It was raised in height from 89 feet to 148 feet in 1852.  During the American Civil War its lighting system was removed by the Confederates to staop its use by the Union.

After the Civil War the lighthouse was replaced by the one we see today.  It is the higest brick lighthouse in the USA, contains 1.25m bricks and stands 197 feet high.  It was completed in 1870.

The light has been threatened by coastal erosion and was jacked up and moved on tracks to shift it half a mile away from the encraoching ocean.  This was completed in September 1999.

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Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

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