Butterflies and Moths of Pharos

Issued in August 2011.

These four issues celebrate the unique butterflies and moths of Pharos.

The Foghorn Tiger Moth flies almost exclusively at night.  It gathers in large groups on foggy nights, apparently attracted by the sound or the vibration of the foghorn.

The Pharos Hawkmoth is usually found on the leeward, sandy, eastern shores and generally flies at dusk.

The Lighthouse Grayling is only found on heathland surrounding Pharos’ oldest lighthouse.  It is noted for its rapid wing beats.

Bewell Fritillary.  The largest colony is on Bewell Island but occasional specimens are found on Pharos and the coasts of Wales and South-west England.

Pharosaug320 & 21Pharosaug5 22 & 23

Pharosaug2 21c Pharosaug4 23c

Pharosaug1 23s Pharosaug7 23i

SK NumberTypeDescription
20358p Foghorn Tiger Moth - multicoloured
21368p Pharos Hawkmoth - multicoloured
21c20 and 21 se tenant used on cover
22378p Lighthouse Grayling - multicoloured
23388p Bewell Fritillary - multicoloured
23c22 and 23 se tenant used on cover
23ssheet of 36 - 9 each of 20-23 se tenant)
23iWilf's Whale Watch insert

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