La Coruna

The Tower of Hercules is the world’s oldest working lighthouse, built during the reign of the Emperor Trajan in the 1st century. It was intended to serve the dual purpose of lighthouse and watchtower, defending the port of Brigantium – now known as La Coruna – in Galicia in Spain.

From the 10th century the tower passed into the hands of the church and then changed hands several times as squabbling noble families wanted it for a fortress but in the 16th century the town gained control of the lighthouse. It only took a hundred years of so to remember to restore it and this was finally paid for in the last 17th century by the English, Dutch and Flemish who were concerned for the safety of their merchant fleets.

Finally in 1785 serious rebuilding began. The original Roman core was clad in granite blocks and a new octagonal top added. No further changes were made until 1921 when the light was electrified.

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La Coruna

SK No.TypeDescription
19337p shades of Blue-Green
19aSheet of 36
19bPair of Balls Beamer
19c7p used alone on cover
19i34Murgatroyd's Tasteful Tattoo Parlour insert

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