Druid Court Fiscal Stamps

I Wales while typical courts of law provide justice in criminal law and many civil cases, the finer points of Welsh life are debated in the Druidic courts. Notably all proceeding have to be sung in rhyming verse accompanied by harps. Like other courts of law the fees paid, until fairly recently, were evidenced by fiscal stamps.
Here are examples of the stamps used in three branch of the courts’ jurisdiction. The Witch Trial courts do not decide whether the defendant is a witch, but for falsely claiming to be a witch and charging for services they cannot provide. The stamps used feature a Druid and make a distinction between the trials of male and female witches with the mandrake icon. Sheepdog trials put the dogs in the dock for a range of charges such as losing a little lamb, disobedience or turning on their owners.* Then there are the stamps used to validate a Trollop License. Those women who behave in a libidinous manner in public are required to carry their license for inspection by a druid.

* since this issue was sent out the sheepdog in this video had been charged with cowardice in the face of the flock

114 114 115 115 116 116 117 117


118 – Trollop licence as issued for one Eleri Deiniol

The Fiscal Stamps of the Druid Courts

SK NumberTypeDescription
150114Witch Trial (female) 58 pence henbane pink
151115Witch Trial (male) 68 pence woad blue
152114Witch Trial (female) 77 pence mistletoe green
153115Witch Trial (male) 99 pence earth mother brown
154116Sheepdog Trial (snivelling dog) £2 green on beige
155Sheepdog Trial (snivelling dog) £3 blue on beige
156Sheepdog Trial (snivelling dog) £3 blue on blue
157Sheepdog Trial stolen bone diabolo
158117Trollop stamp 2/- brassy gold
159Trollop stamp 2/- old plum
160Trollop stamp 3/- alleyway brown
161Trollop stamp smaller format 2/- faded rose
162Trollop stamp 3/- tawdry pink
163Trollop stamp smaller format 3/- tawdry pink
164118Franked Trollop Licence - duty paid

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