Fastnet Lighthouse

Fastnet Rock takes its name from the Old Norse meaning “the sharp tooth island”  As the last view of Ireland seen by 19th century emigrants driven from their homes and family by poverty and famine it earned the name “Ireland’s Teardrop”.

Many ships were wrecked on the rocks – the last hazard down the west coast of Ireland for ships making for Europe.  The last straw was the wrecking of the Stephen Whitney in 1848 with the loss of 90 souls.  Work began on the first lighthouse in 1853 but it was not a great success and numerous, unsuccessful , attempts to strengthen it were made.

A second lighthouse, built of 2074 blocks of Cornish granite, opened in 1904 and the old tower was eventually dismantled down to a stump.

June single 18 Year 1 sheet-1 18c

Fastnet Sheet 18a Woodby Sponsor18i

Fastnet Lighthouse

SK NumberTypeDescription
18316d Dark and Milk Chocolate
18aSheet of 36
18bStumpy beamer
18c5p used alone on cover
i32Pharos Operatic Society insert

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