The Show

A special set of stamps issue to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the big event in Wales – The National Sheep Show, simply referred to as Y Sioe or The Show. It would be hard to find anyone in Wales who has never attended at least one event.
Prizes are awarded in numerous and varied categories, obviously Best of Breed, but also Fleece Styling, Lamb Frolicking or Best Cutlets. Y Sioe has never missed a year since the first one back in 1785, not even after the ban following the Lampeter Riots.
The climax is of cause the crowing of the Champion of Champions and the stamps show four memorable sheep from the last 200 years. 17p shows Entrant 1742 from the year 1839, best of Breed for the Hyll Sheep, one of the most objectionable breeds known. On the 22p is the winner from 1954 is Queen of Cwmbran of the Brynserth breed notable for their short front legs for traversing steep hills and their fleece which adopts rainbow colours when wet. The 31p depicts Bobo with young Bronwen Hughes who won the Under-5s show jumping in 1909. Lastly on the 34p is the all-time frolicking champion, Nastwrsiwm, from 1980, who incidentally provided the best lamb chops anyone could remember for the Show closing dinner.
These stamps came in a special prepared presentation pack for all the class winners of the 1985 event.

109 109 110 110 111 111

112 112 113 113

SK NumberType Description
14610917p Entrant 1742 from 1839
14711022p Queen of Cwmbran from 1954
14811131p Bobo from 1909
14911234p Nastwrsiwm from 1980
149pp113Presentation Pack

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