Statue of Liberty

Possibly the most glamorous and least useful lighthouse in the world.

Liberty was a gift from the French people to mark 100 years of the USA’s independence in 1876.  The cost of the statue were to be raised in France and the USA was to provide the pedestal.  But the French people were not too quick to reach into their pockets and the only part to have been completed by 1876 was the hand and torch.  The rest followed 9 years later in June 1885.

But you can’t just blame the French.  Americans were not bothered either and the funds for ther pedestal were even slower.  It wasn’t ready until April 1886.  The statue was finally inaugurated in October 1886.  Just 10 years and 3 months late.

The top of the torch is 93 metres above ground.  Twenty electric lamps were placed around the platform of the torch.  But the lights reflected from the clouds above and was thought to cause confusion.  The lights were moved inside and holes drilled.  This made the light so feeble it was useless as a lighthouse and the statue was transferred to the care of the War Department.

May Single 17 May Cover 17c

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Statue of Liberty

SK NumberTypeDescription
17295p Voluptuous Verdigris
17aSheet of 36
17bSpike Beamer
17cused alone on cover
17i30Pharos A La Kart inseret

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