Welsh Fairy Tales

In the 1930s the makers of Quicka Bara Brith included poster stamps for collectors in their products.  One series depicted scenes from Welsh Fairy Tales.  Each stamp came in its own little cellophane envelope. The first five stamps from the set showed scenes from The Golden Leek, The Old Man of Llanfair, The Kindly Old Woman, The Broken Wagon and the Lazy Scarecrow; stories that have entertained Welsh children for generations.

SK141 141 SK142 142 SK143 143

SK144 144 SK145 145

Welsh Fairy Tales

SK NumberTypeDescription
141104The Golden Leak
141dThe Golden Leek Diablo
142105The Old Man of Llanfair
142dThe Old Man of Llanfair Diablo
143106The Kindly Old Woman
143dThe Kindly Old Woman Diablo
144107The Broken Wagon
144dThe Broken Wagon Diablo
145108The Lazy Scarecrow
145dThe Lazy Scarecrow Diablo

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