Thatched Lighthouse

Issued in April 2011

The Thatched Lighthouse was the last folly of Sarah Rufus (nee Bellum).  Inspired by a visit to Alexander Pope’s home at Strawberry Hill on her honeymoon Sarah constructed a number of follies on her return to Pharos.

Her final folly was the Thatched lighthouse.  For months it worked without any problems but one night, whilst Sarah and the lighthouse keeper had unaccountably become detached from their clothing, the heat from the unattended lamp caused the dry thatch to catch fire.  Sarah and the keeper both died in the ensuing blaze.

April Single 16 April Cover 16c

April Pharos 16a April Sponsor 16i

Thatched Lighthouse

SK NumberTypeDescription
16274p shades of Belgian Chocolate and Mousse
16asheet of 36
16bfigure in window beamer
16cused alone on cover
16i28Bell's Books insert

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