2011 St Valentine’s Day

The sixth annual Valentine’s Day issue from the Isle of Vue.  Issued on February 14th 2011.

Apart from the stamps there were covers and bonus extras and the promise of a possible actual Valentine’s card.

Additionally members of the Cinderella Stamp Forum qualified for an additional gift of an unreleased design stamp issue

This was a complex issue as you will see from the table below.  There is a good chance that you have something nobody else has.  If so please rush off to the Cinderella Stamp Forum and let us know!

scan0067 47p scan0070 46v scan0069 47v

scan0068 47s


scan0071 47c scan0072 47cc

scan0074 48 scan0075 49v

scan0082 50 scan0083 50a scan0084 51

scan0086 52 scan0085 53 scan0087 54

2011 St Valentine's Day

SK NumberTypeDescription
46471F Montague Blue
46v1F Montague Blue variant (chalice outside frame)
471F Capulet Red
47v1F Capulet Red variant (dagger outside frame)
47sSheet of 12 with 6 each of above alternating including 1 of each variant
47pSe-tenant pair of Montgue and Capulet in special mount
47cCover with Montague and Capulet pair
47ccDeluxe cover with three stamp strip from one of the sheets
481F Blue to Red
48v1F Blue to Red variant (both dagger and chalice outside frame)
491F Red to Blue
49v1F Red to Blue variant (both dagger and chalice outside frame)
49sSheet of 12 with rows of Montague, Blue to Red variant stamps, and Capulet variants
49ssSheet of 12 of alternating Blue to Red and Red to Blue stamps with one variant of each
49sssSheet of 12 with alternate rows of Blue to red trios. Includes 2 * 47v, 1*48v and 1*49v.
50Limited edition single stamp sheetlet with early version artwork. Coloured bird, roses and leaves
50aLimited edition single stamp sheetlet with early version artwork. Brighter background and no colouring to birds, roses or leaves
50bas 50a but with inverted stamp (or sheet margin!)
51SK50 in verical pair with 46.
52Early Bird envelope
53Bonus envelope
54Single stamp pair envelope

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