Cantre’r Gwaelod

A postal service for a land of legend and myth that lay in what is now Cardigan Bay before it was inundated during a great storm. All that is left is a small island with the walled town of Caer Wyddno.

Three issues have been identified.  The first issue featured a simple Celtic square or diamond design in colours and two values.  These were roulette perforated.

The second issue was a larger diamond shape, also rouletted.  In shades of green and brown and featuring a circular Celtic animal design.

The pictorial stamps of the third issue are multicoloured and feature an aerial impression of the town and a harbour scene.  These have coarse perforations.  Values are I for internal mail, and II for mail to the mainland.

CG2 SK5  CG4 SK7

CG7 SK 10

CG8SK 11

CG9 6

CG10 7

Cantre'r Gwaelod

SK NumberTypeDescription
44I Turquoise
5I Grey
6I Yellow-Brown
7II Dull Plum
8II Yellow-Brown
9II Turquoise
105I brown and green animal design
10cI brown and green animal design on cover
11II brown and green animal design
126I multicolour aerial impression
137II multicolour harbour view
13cII multicolour harbour view used on cover
13dII multicolour harbour view. Diabolo with 4 changes

scan0001 13d

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