Strapper’s Stupefying Stamp Company

As Grand Secretary of the Ank-Morpork and District Society of Flatalists, Quilpusha was frequently called upon to dispatch items “from the Quill, Desk and Office of the Grand Secretary”.  The Office of the Senior Deputy Assistant Grand Secretary, or “Strapper’s Office”, was in fact the source of almost all the mail out.

Quilpusha decided, quite early on, that it would be nice to have his own stamps. These were eventually produced, under licence, by Strapper’s Stupifying (sic) Syndicated Stamp Co.
The first to appear in 2005, was the infamous 4 Cent Foot on Mud. There was a ‘sport’ which became known as The Verruca sport.  This proved so popular that success went to the Gnomes head. There quickly followed the first definitive issue, the 20p. First Class Male stamp, trimmed by chewing – a task that Strapper happily handled himself.

The 2p and 5p Christmas Stamps were hugely popular and led the Gnome to produce more and more stamps and labels at the total disregard of his other responsibilities. The 32p Special Oak Leaf stamp was a deliberate attempt to cash in on this popularity – a fact that Strapper has always denied.  This was also the first Proof Sheet, he revisited the 4 Cent Foot in Mud to produce its Proof Sheet at this time.
Then came his finest Cinderella hour.  In 2006, he organised a Ruffle – that is a Raffle where everyone is a winner.  The ‘prize’ was the ‘Stamps of Spring’ Proof Sheet, containing three values. The 6p and 12p together with a world first ‘All Other Values’ stamp – to ‘cover any possible eventuality’ the Gnome said at the time.  Three of the six stamps appeared inverted on the sheet, a mark of recognition to the growing importance at that time, of the Society’s Antipodean members, although these stamps were only released as a Proof Sheet.
The Limited Edition Proof Sheet Ruffle raised a remarkable £600 for a local Orphanage near to Strapper’s home.
He also produced some labels which can be seen below.
2011 1st Issue of the Deviant Stamps.
After a lull in production, and because some of his earlier mistakes were pointed out to him, the Gnome re-launched his stamps.  With a new identity – Strapper’s Stupefying Stamp Company – and a brand new printing and perforating source, he released the first four stamps which are collectively known as Deviants.  His old friends at Jupeta designed the stamps, using artwork by Alan Batley – thus ensuring that these stamps will become known as ‘Batley Heads’. The simple layout will run throughout the series, which will be added to as needs arise. The printing and perforating of the stamps is the work of Jovan Djordjevic in Essex.
The 1st Issue is of four values; 1p Custard Yellow, 2p Privet Green, 3p Pale Puce and the 4p Sky Blue. Printed on gummed paper in sheets of 48, there is a variant on one value, and all four values have two inverted heads on each sheet, thus producing two tete beche pairs per sheet.
These stamps were first issued on March 15 2011 together with a commemorative 1st day cover with the unique Fidgety Forest, Middle Cornwall dated frank; a Presentation Pack; and a bonus packet of back-catalogue stamps together with some of the new stamps for all who ordered both Cover and Pack.

#1a. Foot in Mud1 #1b. Foot in Mud Verruca sport1s #2a. 2p Christmas Stamp 20062 #3a. 5p Christmas Stamp 20063 #4. 20p. First Class Male 2007 4

#5. Stamps of Spring Proof Sheet.5 #6. 32p Special Oak Leaf Stamp 2007 6 #7. 2007 Hogswatch Stamp. 7

#20a. Saw Sea Label 8 #21a. Broom Mail Label 9 #22a. Hogswatch Label 200610 #22b. Hogswatch Label sport. 200610s Happy Hogswatch Label 200710-2007#23. Custom Form 11

#1a. 1p.Single Stamp. 12 #1b. 1p Tete Beche Pairs options. 12t #2a. 2p. Single Stamp. 13 #2b. 2p. Tete Beche Pairs options. 13t

#2c. 2p. Mirror Pair. 13m

#3a. 3p. Single Stamp. 14 #3b. 3p. Tete Beche Pairs options. 14t #4a. 4p. Single Stamp. 15 #4b. 4p. Tete Beche Pairs options. 15t

It is important to note that 12t, 13t, 14t and 15t are not issued in that lovely cruxiform format.  They are illustrated in this way only to show the various tete-beche possibilities.

Strapper's Stupefying Stamp Company

SK NumberTypeDescription
114 Cent Foot in Mud
1s4 Cent Foot in Mud verruca sport
222p Christmas 2006
335p Christmas 2006
44First Class Male
55Stamps of Spring proof sheet
6632p Oak Leaf
772006 Hogswatch
88Saw-see label
99Broom Mail label
1010Hogswatch 2006 label
10sHogswatch 2006 label sport
10-200711Hogswatch 2007 label
1112Middle Cornwall Customs Form
12131p Deviant Yellow
12t1p Tete-beche pair(s)
132p Deviant Green
13t2p Tete-beche pair(s)
13m2p mirror
143p Deviant Pink
14t3p Tete-beche pair(s)
154p Deviant Blue
15t4p Tete-beche pair(s)
15cFirst Day cover - all 4 Deviant stamps
15pPresentation Pack containing all 4 Deviant stamps

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