Welsh Cryptozoological Society

From 1958 comes the Welsh Regional set commemorating the Centenary of the Welsh Cryptozoological Society. The stamps are noteworthy for the replacement of the Queen’s head by a red dragon.

The Society is dedicated to the study of those creatures denied by conventional naturalists and which are only fleetingly seen out of the corner of the eye.

The 3d purple features the Welsh Wild Cat, Felis cambrienisis, Likened to an enormous tabby and preying on sheep, this species may have been responsible for the disappearance of a party from a rival society who were trying to disprove its existence. They failed.

On the 4d blue is Traed Mawr, the Snowdonia Bigfoot. Are these hairy giants descended from the inhabitants of a village swallowed up into the earth, or are they  the vestiges of primitive humans who lived on Anglesey in prehistoric times?

Teggie, the lake monster of Wales, is featured on the 6d pink. He is seen at 23 year intervals when he rises to the surface for a lungful of air ready for his subaquatic mating rituals.

Lastly on the 1/3 green is the most elusive of creatures, Tylwyth Teg Ceirw; half nymph, half fallow deer (though some say goat). She enchants men on their way home from the pub at night, and they wake up next morning with no memory of the fates that have befallen them

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Welsh Cryptozoological Society

SK NumberTypeDescription
130953d peculiar purple. Felis cambrensis
130sSheetlet of 9 stamps
131964d bizarre blue. Traed Mawt
131sSheetlet of 9 stamps
132976d perplexing pink. Teggie
132sSheetlet of 9 stamps
133981/3 erratic emerald. Tylwyth Teg Ceirw
133sSheetlet of 9 stamps

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