La Tour de Cordouan

Issued in January 2011

The first in a new series from Pharos Postal Service commemorating some of the world’s oldest, finest and most notable lighthouses.

The first issue, in its 400th anniversary year is La Tour do Cordouan – The King of Lighthouses.  Built in 1611.

light guards a viscious reef of rocks in the mouth of the Girand River, where it empties into the Bay of Biscay.  A 48ft high tower was built in the 14th century with the approval of the govenor of the province, Edward the Black Prince.

In 1548 French architect Louis do Foix was commissioned to build a new lighthouse.  The whole lighthouse was much enlarged and built in a grand style including a King’s appartment in case the King – Henry III felt the need to visit..

In 1789 the original domed chapel roof and lanterns were demolished and a new tower 223 feet in height built.  Even with all the changes that have taken place the entrance hall and royal appartments have remained exactly as they were in 1611.

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La Tour de Cordouan

SK NumberTypeDescription
13211p shades of Plantagenet Blue
13aSheet of 36
13b"No Point" beamer
13cUsed alone on cover
13i22PER Aeronautics insert

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