Llantisilly & Montgomery Railway Letter Stamps

The Llantisilly & Montgomery Railway is a small railway dating back to the last days of the 19th Century.  Originally serving a few villages like Llaniog in the top left hand corner of Wales it still runs as a tourist line nowadays.  But it is most famous as the railway of the star of screen and Welsh choir Ivor the Engine.

When it was a working railway it conveyed mail down to the main line in accordance with the 1891 Railway Letter Agreement.  The letter stamps followed the standard green design, but Newspaper stamps were also used and 2d and 3d examples of the former and 2d examples of the latter can be found.  Since volunteers took over the running of the line, souvenir stamps have periodically been issued.  Most sought after are Solstice Express stamps used on cover and postmarked on 20th or 21st Dec.

And before you ask, Ivor still operates there, always at his own pace, but Jones the Steam retired a few years ago.

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Llantisilly & Montgomery Railway Letter Stamps

SK NumberTypeDescription
124902d Railway Letter stamp 1906
125912d Printed matter stamp 1912
126923d Railway Letter stamp 1924
1279330p Letter stamp Ivor at Llaniog 1995
12893o35p on 30p overprint 1996
1299450p Solstice Express letter stamp 2004

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