4.25PM Wildlife preservation cover for National Wildlife Week with a very questionable address.  It couldn’t be delivered of course.

LG10 LG10r

4.15 pm.  A Tweedle Post cover to the Walrus and Carpenter with the charity issue of Health Stamps.  Each stamp carries a charity surcharge.

LG11 LG11r

4.05 pm.  A Walrus and Carpenter local post cover to the Tweedle Brothers with the National Education Week issue used alone and bearing the Strand/Middle of the Night CDS


4.00 pm.  Maritime Mail cover to H Dumpty and bearing a Red Cross, First Aid Week commemorative.

LG13 LG13r

4.05pm A censored prisoner letter to the White Queen and bearing a Political Prisoner Relief Fund stamp.  Note the “Posted in Advance” and “More to Pay” cachets.

LG14 LG14r

4.15 pm  Dumpty Private Post cover to the Little Fishes of the Sea and bearing a Dumpty Private Messenger Post 2W.

LG15 LG15r

4.35 pm.  Looking Glass Military post issue on cover to H Dumpty but, as you know, it arrived too late

LG16 LG16r

4.40 pm.  A set of Hare Mail stamps on cover addressed to the White King.  Cancelled with FPO 6 CDS and a red FPO “and about time too” arrival mark.


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