2006 The Laernu Festival of Hats

A set of 6 stamps, all valued at 1 Filis, depicting the exotic headwear based on animals on show at the annual Laernu Hat Festival.  This issue features the female headware, while a future issue may show the male contributions.  The stamps were issued in sheets of 36 and each sheet, for the first time for Laernu stamps, contains a variant which differs from the rest by a small detail.

The upper cartouches of each stamp has its own individual way of displaying the letters LAERNU, while the lower cartouches have a pair of letters, all different pairs apart from A and D repeated on stamps 1 and 6.  The message in these letters is unknown.

There were also some other non-standard stamps.  Whilst the regular stamps were black (and bearing an uncanny resemblance to a well known stamp here) there was an occasional colour variant and also some miniature sheets of 4.  The occurrence of tête-bêche pairs is evidence of other sheet formats and layouts.  Some non-sheet variations had the upper corner’s LAE RNU replaced with a geometrical design and the lower letters replaced by SL (for Sombrero Laernu).  Single stamp examples of these may derive from the four stamp miniature sheet or from the sheets from which Tête-bêche pairs were obtained

Issued in sheets of 36. Size 26×22 mm. Perf 15. Each sheet contains a single variant stamp.

image03412 13 image038 14

image04015 image04216 image04417

15cv 15cv   17cv 17cv

Sheet image 19s

18ms 18ms

2006 The Laernu Festival of Hats

SK NumberTypeDescription
15121F Fish-head (AD). Black
15vVariant Two-eyed fish
15sSheet of 36
1613Old Fox (HE). Black
16vVariant. Missing earring
16sSheet of 36
16slStandard stamp with SL and geometric design corners
16pvStandard stamp print error with vertical pale stripes
1714The Swan (ON). Black
17vVariant. Necklace variation
17sSheet of 36
17cvBlue colour variation
17t1Tête-bêche vertical pair (ON)
17t2Tête-bêche vertical pair (SL)
1815Snakehead (MY). Black
18tSnakehead tete-beche pair
18vVariant. Crossbar missing in the A of POSTAG
18pvSL cartouches
18slStandard stamp with SL corners
18msSnakeshead miniature sheet of 4
18cv1Snake Head. Red
18cv2Snake Head. Orange
1916Night spider(CE). Black
19vVariant. Spider on the shoulder
19sSheet of 36
19msMinisheet of 4
2017White Lion (AD). Black
20vVariant. Missing full stop
20sSheet of 36
20v2AD and geometric design corners

The Variant Details

image048 image050 Two-eyed fish

image052 image054 Missing earring

image056 image058 Changed Necklace

tag2 tag1 Missing crossbar in the”A”

image062 image064 Spider on shoulder

image068 image066 Missing full-stop

moste potente

Where did the Laernueans get their ideas for the hats?  Possibly from an old manuscript with nothing to do with millinery at all.  But look towards the bottom of the page.  Is this a teaser for what the men will wear when it is their day to parade before the judges?

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