Welsh West India Co

The little brother to the British East India Co, and formed after the financially disastrous Cardiff Bay Bubble. The Welsh West India Company operated out of the small Caribbean island of St David’s, though everyone referred to it as San Daffy. The company intended to make money for its investors by trading in the furs of the Caribbean Beaver. Alas that the 6 sample pelts sent back by the first hunters represented 75% of that animal’s population, and the two remaining males were never going to rebuild a thriving colony. So the company survived by trading for holiday souvenirs made in the tropics and sent back to Wales

The use of stamps started in 1858 with QV head issues, which were replaced by the decorative and colourful complementary pairs; one stamp for outgoing mail and one for incoming.

The end came when San Daffy experienced a plague, hurricane, volcanic eruption and tsunami in a mater of days. Today a few remnants of reef are all that remains.

SK112 83 SK113 84 SK114 85

SK115-116 86 sK117-118 87

SK119-120 88 sk121-122 89

Welsh West Indian Co

SK NumberTypeDescription
113832 pence QV Saragasso Green
114842 bananas QV Green
115852 pence with stars Green
116862p Wales to San Daffy Sand
1172p San Daffy to Wales Sand
118875p Wales to San Daffy Pirate Red
1195p San Daffy to Wales Pirate Red
120888p Wales to San Daffy Palm Leaf Green
1218p San Daffy to Wales Palm Leaf Green
122891/- Wales to San Daffy Island Blue
122dCrocodile mouth Diabolo
1231/- San Daffy to Wales Island blue

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