Looking Glass Land

Stamps for Looking Glass Land were issued in December 1871.   Because the territories were just about the same, and because the designers thought that the longer title would interfere with the stamp designs, the title Wonderland was retained.  The stamps were originbally issued perforate but 5 sets exist imperforate.

The first known cover is a William Unready envelope uprated with a 1W Alice Head.  It illustrates Looking Glass inhabitants perusing their mail.  It is backstamped with an Oxford arrival mark for Dec 18 1871 at 6 o’clock.

LG1 LG1r

A chess conference cover with the 5.35 and 5.30 issues to Alice.  This example is very rare as all other known covers are stamped Too Late as Alice had already left for Looking Glass Land.  Either this one was in time or the postmaster was an idiot and forgot to stamp it.

LG2 LG2r

A Knight Mail cover to Alice this time posted Too Early according to the backstamp.

LG3 LG3r

A set of two covers celebrating the Jabberwocky Centennial and posted to H Dumpty by Bandersnatch at 5.20

LG4 LG4r

LG5 LG5r

The stamps on the second cover are also known in miniature sheet form although none have so far been seen on cover.  The sheet is a triptych of the 1W and 2W stamps together with a green label warning “Beware the Jabberwocky my son…”.  There are three known variants; a proof printed on card and signed by the designer; a miniature sheet perforated around the edge but with the stamps imperforate and a strip of three perforated.

Proof sheet

Mini sheet


5.15 pm  A Wonderpex 71 miniature sheet on cover to H Dumpty and cancelled by exhibition cachet.


5.00 pm Botanical Congress cover  with special congress circular date stamp in red and Square Four arrival mark.

LG7 LG7r

4.45 pm Express Delivery cover to Tweedledum and Tweedledee with Square Four arrival mark.

LG8 LG8r

Railway post cover to Tweedledum and Tweedledee again.  With many, unhelpfully confusing, backstamps.

LG9 LG9r

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