3.15 pm  Citizens Advice Bureau cover.  4 wink blue and brown cancelled by Caterpillar-Box No. 5 CDS and Father William Ointment boxed advert cancelling Alice 2.00 pm definitives.  Other covers are known posted at this time.  One with the 4w alone on cover has been seen.


3.25  Father William’s Exploits.  Father William set of 4 cancelled by Caterpillar-Box No, 3 CDS.


4.05 pm (6 o’clock Hatter’s time).  Cover bearing the Mad Tea Party stamp cancelled Hatterville July 4 1865 with additional Too Late and Put in at Six O’Clock marks.  Treaclewell/Muchness arrival mark on reverse.

A9 A9r

Here are two items from correspondence between the Queen of Hearts and the Duchess.  An invitation to play croquet and an acceptance. The former includes the 4.25 Official Bisect (headless) stamp and is cancelled by the Royal Palace CDS in red.  The latter includes the 3.45 National Wildlife Week stamp with the 8w normal stamp in a se tenant vertical pair with the worn plate – disappearing cat variant.

A10 A11

4.35 pm  Olympic Games (Second Issue).  Royal Visit and Olympic Games stamps cancelled by Crown and Heart in a Croquet Lawns, Royal Palace, Wonderland frank.


4.50 PM  Mourning Issue.  This issue aniticpates the fate of the oysters at the hands of the Walrus and Carpenter.  The cover shows the stamp cancelled with a Broken Heart in Cross cancellation and with a Strand arrival mark

A13 A13r

5.00 pm  Centenary of the Lobster Quadrille.  Stamps cancelled by boxed Festival of Oceanography mark.


5.10 pm  Wonderpex 1865.  Cover bearing miniature sheet depicting Mock Turtle, Gryphon and Lobster.  On sale only at the Exhibition held in the Palace after the croquet match.  All proceeds going the replace lost flamingoes and hedgehogs.  Sheet is cancelled by special exhibition mark depicting the Hatter as a philatelist.


5.30 pm  Court Fee Revenue stamp used on cover to pay the fee of eleven winks

A15 A15r

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