Alice in Wonderland P1

July 4 1865.  The first recorded correspondence from Wonderland to Alice.  A 1 wink William Unready envelope with 1 wink Alice Head cancelled by red heart.

A1 A1r

You will recall that the action of the story Alice in Wonderland takes place during the course of one warm summer’s afternoon.  The rest of these covers therefore all have times of issue rather than dates.  The whys and wherefores of each cover are beyond the scope of this website.  Try reading the book if you are unsure.  You’ve a treat in store, it is much, much better than you think/remember!

2.45 pm. A cover sent By The Carrier to Alice’s right foot with Too Late stamp added, Pool of Tears cancellation and Elbow Bend transit mark.  Undelivered.

A2 A2r

2.50 pm.  Olympic Games (First Issue).  Watermark: Thimble.  Cover bearing missing value variety.


3.00 pm. A cover to Dinah bearing full set of inflation stamps and other adhesives all franked by Pool of Tears cancels and a red Recovered cancel.  Item damaged by salt water.  Reverse has Medicine Tax revenue, an Undelivered stamp and a Dead Letter Office label and skull.  What a fantastic cover!

A3 A3r

3.10 pm. Space Issue.  A cover to W Rabbit with Cape Chimney countdown cancel and bearing a First Lizard in Space stamp and a 1 wink stamp bearing the Alice Besiged overprint.


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