Pharos Extras

Each month Hilary issues to her Pharos subscribers a sheet of stamps which is described in the section headed Pharos.

Together with these issues she includes a free “extra” stamp from the archives of the Pharos Post office.  Rather than disrupt the numbering of the main Pharos section they are described here in the order that they were issued.

After the first three issues the stamps were issued se-tenant with a label which uses the same design as the sponsor slips which accompany each of the main issues.  Although the first of these, the world famous “Woodby” issues are, of course, the finest as you can see.

scan0076a 1 scan0076b 2 scan0076c 3

scan0076d 4 scan0076e 5 scan0076f 6

scan0076g 7 scan0076h 8 scan0076i 9

scan0076j 10 scan0080 11

scan0071 12 scan0073 12a scan0068 13

Feb3 14 scan0069 15

April Extra-Single 16 April Extra-Sheet 17

May Extra 18 Woodby Extra 19

Papril5 20 Pharosaug6 21

Pharossept5 22 PharosOct4 23

PharosNov5 24 PharosNov6 25

WadfestHilary 25a

PharosDec6 26 PharosDec7 27

Jan05 28

February6 29 PharosMar05 30

miro april 001 31  may stamps 001 32 & 33

june freebie 00134 & 35  munch extra 001 36

Shun extra 001 37  jubilee extra 001 38

july extra stourcastle 00139  july museum extras 00140 & 41

cricketer stamp 001 42  libor stamp 001 43

cornet folly 001 44

citrus minisheet 001 45

pyramid folly 001 46

jan omnisham pasty 001 47  jan omnisham regatta 001 48

nov kennedy 001 49  Moto Guzzi 50

Pharos Extras

SK NumberTypeDescription
111p Postage Due. Red
212p Postage Due. Blue
32£1 savings stamp. Grey, Lilac and Blush-pink
413p Postage Due with se-tenant Woodby label. Green with multicoloured label
531p Corvus Pharoensis with Holloway's Ales label. Green and Black
644p Seven Sisters with Good Evans Wines label. Grape, Grey and Wine.
752p Pharos squid with Murgatroyd Tatoo Parlour label. Shades of Prawn
814p Postage Due with Wilf's Fresh Fish label. Dark Posset Brown
961p Flower & Produce Centenary Show with Fletcher's Fruit and Veg label. Pea and Leek Green
1018p Postage Due with Museum of Mathematics label. Pink-Purple
1171p 170th anniversary of the first Pharos issue - reproduction of Pharos, Black
1283p Demelza the Dodo with Seene and Hird Bistro label in Bilberry Purple
12aSimilie sheetlet of 9 * 1s Justice in Revenge Red.
13925p Centenary of Pharos Airmail with PER Aeronautics label in shades of blue
141010p Palm House with Botanical Society label in palm-shoot green
15115p John Smeaton plan with Chapman Sports label in olive green
1612£1 Post Office Savings Tower of Light with Bell's Books label in Green
1712s£1 Tower of Light in sheet of 12 without se tenant labels.
181315p Lifeboat in shades of Creme Anglais and Chocolat with Pharos a la Kart label
191475p Emmy Destin in Puccini Peach and Black with Woodby House of Colour label
20151p Rocket Mail with se tenant Murgatroyd's Tasteful Tattoos label in Violet
2116£2 Rufus Mermaid with se tenant Wilf's Whale Watch label in Mermaid Blue and Light Blue.
221760p Barrie Head Caves with se tenant Arrowmaker Archaeological Services label
2318£1.50 Halloween Spider in Blue, Yellow and big red scary eyes with se tenant Justin's Jokeshop label. Perf and imperf in equal numbers
241945p Beacon Cinema, Orange
251945p Beacon Cinema, Green with se tenant Ashlore Inc label
25a10p Wadfest imperf proof sheet with inverted sport
2620£5 Pharos Lock-up with se tenant Seene & Hird Fine Cheeses label
27211p 1851 lighthouse in Pernickety Pink
2822, 235p Pharoan Petrel in se tenant pair with 5p Pharoan Shearwater and Cinderella pantomime advertising label.
2924£1 Red & Cream with se tenant Skala Theatre advertising label.
302515p Centenary of Nursing in se tenant pair with Friends of Pharos Hospital label
31261 Miro multicoloured
32275p The Maladroit in Green and Black
33285p The Calypsonia in Green, Black and Yellow
34296p Panhesaurus in Light and Dark Blue
35306p Weaving Sword in Light and Dark Blue
3631$120m Munch, multicoloured
373215 LOLs Shun, multicoloured
3833Queen's Diamond Jubilee
39341p Stourcastle Post in brown and light brown
403515p Cremation Urn in Light and Dark Blue
413615p Bellarmine Jug in Light and Dark Blue
423775p W D Fortitude in Green, Grey and Wood
43381L Libor in Bonus Blue and Purple and Light Flesh
443940p Cornet Folly in shades of pistachio and coffee.
4540Citrus mini-sheet of 6 in shades of Fruit and Green
464145p Rufus Pyramid Blue-Grey and Brown
474212P Tepid Food Tax - Red, light yellow and pasty
484360P Jubilee RegattaGreen, Pale Yellow and Crowded Blue-Grey
4944£5 50th anniversary of the Death of John Kennedy. Deep Rose and Black
50453c Posta Gambalunga. Red. Moto Guzzi Albatross

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