In 1857 Dodgson became an MA and visited and photographed Tennyson in Coniston.


He also exhibited at the Photographic Society’s 5th Exhibition.


In 1859 he again visited and photographed Tennyson, this time on the Isle of Wight. Which some people thought was overseas (which I suppose it is for most people in the world)

D18 D18r

In 1860 Dodgson’s first book was published.  Snappily titled “A Syllabus of Plane Algebraic Geometry” it must have been weighty when posted from Wonderland judging by these two remnants of parcels franked with the not inconsiderable values of £1/17/6 and £1/16/-

D19 D20

On July 4th 1862 Dodgson tells the story of “Alice” during a boat trip to Godstow with the Liddell children. Note the change to the “Dream Currency”.


And in November he begins to write “Alice’s Adventures Underground”

D22 D22r

The Victorian stamps were last used in 1864.  This cover was posted to Alice in November 1862 when Dodgson started to write down the story.  It was delayed until Feb 1863 when he finished the text and not received by Alice until November 1864 when, co-incidentally, Alice received the illustrated manuscript.

D23 D23r

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