2006 Laernu Quadrants

A set of 4 values with a central rotational design featuring stylistic animals.  Inscribed LAERNU POSTAG.  Issued in sheets of 35.  Size 22×22 mm. Perforated 11.5 by the Olathe Poste. At some time after the initial release, the stamps were reprinted in large format size; 44 x 44mm, with a colour change for the lower two values.

There are no known variants.  The 2F value has one value facing inwards, while all the others, across the set face outwards. One bat stamp has been spotted with what is claimed to be guano defacing it this is not a constant error and perhaps more likely to be a printing problem.

image023 8 image021 9

image025 10image02711

2006 Laernu Quadrants

SK NumberTypeDescription
1182F Bats. Red
11sSheet of 35
11lLarge Format Brown
11slSheet of ?
1294F Pelicans. Brown
12sSheet of 35
12lLarge Format
12slSheet of ?
13106F Storks. Green
13sSheet of 35
13lLarge Format
13slSheet of ?
14118F Fish. Deep-blue.
14sSheet of 35
14lLarge Format
14slSheet of ?


The “guano” flaw.  Its position on the sheet is 4th row up 2nd stamp in.  This can’t be given a catalogue number as it has not been confirmed as a constant variety.

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