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Here are some pre-stamp covers from Cardia – as Wonderland was known before it was Wonderland.  There were no stamps and few surviving covers.  Here are two of them with “suit” marks.

The first is from 1770 (as shown on the backstamp)  Showing Clubs, 6 miles and an very early leaning towards bad puns!

D1 D1r

Here is one from the Heart Dynasty which also mentions Wonderland.  You’ll notice it was received at Trumpham on 27 January 1832 – the very date of Charles Dodgson’s birth.  What a coincidence!


On 5 May 1840 Wonderland issued its first Queen Victora stamps.  The design was copied the very next day by Great Britain for its first stamp issues.

Here are two very rare first day covers.  The first is the first recorded cover from Wonderland to Charles Dodgson dated 5 May

D3 D3r

The second is a Mulready Envelope uprated with a Great Britain penny black and posted to Wonderland on 6 May.  Inside is a letter from Master Dodgson to the Wonderland Postmaster-General placing a standing order for future stamp issues.


In 1843 Charles Dodgson moved from Cheshire to North Yorkshire (lucky boy) and shown below is a cover dated March 30 1843 redirected to the new address.

D5 D5r

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