Gerald King Issues

Gerald King is a well known British Philatelic Artist.  His Cinderellas cover a huge range of subjects.  Gerald’s love of a really, really, bad pun, the wonderful stamps designs of the Victorian (in particular) era and an encyclopeadic knowledge of the life and works of Charles Dodgson have led him to produce stamps covering such diverse subjects as

Wonderland (split into four areas; Pre-Alice stamps; Pre-Alice covers; Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass); Wonderland Commemoratives and Wonderland Christmas Cards

Snark Island

Alternative Lundy

Elizatoria (which are Elizabeth II heads (eg Machin and Wilding) in classic Victoran stamp frames)

GB stamps from unadopted essays

Alternative Burma

Alternative Australia

Alternative New Zealand

Alternative Canada

Newfoundland air mails

Tudor stamps

Reprints of classic USA stamps

Alternative USA

Early Canada reprints

Bahrain Camel Postman


Ros Puffin Post

Unadopted Essays


As well as the stamps he produces wonderful postal history.  Here he lets his wicked sense of humour loose on us all.

Whilst my budget will stand it I intend to show you scans on the postal history items.  I’ll do the stamps as well but they don’t make me laugh as much so have a lower priority – sorry.  Anyway, you can always buy Gerald’s spoof catalogues which both illustrate them and make you laugh out loud.  What a bargain they are!

Let me know if you have anything I’ve not illustrated.  But minor variants of covers don’t count as Gerald makes them all by hand to order so the covers depend on what’s to hand, his mood and the size of his sausage supply.

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