Welsh Hotel Posts

Not many Cinderella stamp collections contain examples from Welsh hotel posts, which is a shame.  They show how the proprietors tried to circumvent the Royal Mail monopoly.

Y Ffrwd operated a postal service for guests, charging 1d to carry the mail to the nearest post box 5 miles away in the nearest village.

Gwesty Coedwig was a haunt of fun loving artists and authors. It too used its remote location in the depths of the forest to operate a post.

The Summit Hotel on top of the Great Orme teamed up with the tramway that ran up the hill from Llandudno for a railway letter post.

The Regent, in Snowdonia, had many post war nouveau riche guests. Its postal stamps were, according to the management, merely an advertising label but guests were expected to drop a coin or two into the tips box to get their letters sent.

SK101 Y FFrwd SK101 SK102 Gwesty Coedwig SK102

SK103 Summit SK103 SK104 Regent SK104

SK104a Regent cover SK104a

Welsh Hotel Posts

SK NumberTypeDescription
10170Y Ffrwd 1d Black on white
10271Gwesty Coedwig 1d green, green and green
10372Summit Hotel 1¼d Tramway letter fee
10473Regent Hotel label
104a74Letter sent from Regent Hotel 1954

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