The Old Lighthouse

Issued in September 2010

The Old Lighthouse stands on the highest point of Pharos.  The stone base was constructed in the 14th century but had problems stright away as the light could only be seen clearly from the west and guided seafarers towards the island rather than away from danger.  The open brazier quickly consumed Pharos’ standing woodland and so was only lit occasionally.

In 1772 the lighthouse was rebuilt and the height almost doubled.  The lantern was illuminated by oil.  But it still could not be seen as low cloud would settle on the hill, completely hiding the top of the tower from view.

The building fell into disuse as a lighthouse.  It has had several alternative functions and is currently a phenominally expensive holiday let.

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The Old Lighthouse

SK NumberTypeDescription
9145p. Old Lighthouse, Light green, pale yellow and grey
9aSheet of 42
9bDoor beamer
9c5p used alone on cover
9i15Fletcher's Finest Fruit and Vegetables insert

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