The Graf Zeppelin visting Pharos

Issued in August 2010.

The Graf Zeppelin embarked on its round the world flight in August 1929.  Setting off from Lakenheath Naval Air Station in New Jersey it carried, amongst others, the press tycoon William Randolph Hearst.  There was an unpublicised stopover on Pharos to allow Mr Hearst to visit old friends, Charles and Edith Rufus.  After tea the flight to Germany was resumed.  Mr Hearst stayed several days before travelling back to New York via London.

The airship never returned to Pharos but old folk still talk about “the day the big balloon blew in”.

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scan0055 SK8i

The Graf Zeppelin visiting Pharos - August 1929

SK NumberTypeDescription
8125p Graf Zeppelin over Pharos. Shades of cocoa.
8sSheet of 28
8bTail beamer
8c5p used alone on cover
8i13Wilf's Fresh Fish insert

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