Welsh Colony of Patagonia Civil War special issues

The Welsh first colonised Patagonia in 1869, and despite being unprepared for what wasn’t the land of milk and honey and bara-brith they’d been promised, managed to settle and farm a sizeable home-from-homeland.

But in 1960 civil war broke our between the Welsh settlers and the Spanish speakers. It was to become the Welsh Vietnam.  A lot of what really happened behind the front lines was never spoken about – until the truths began to emerge in the Aberystwyth books of Malcolm Price.  Many of the brave boyos of the Welsh Foreign Legion who fought so far from home came from that area, and the fighting scarred many for life.

Here are four stamps commemorating two events in that war.  The 5D stamp of 1962, whose design is based on the Welsh flag shows Clip, the canine Hero of the Mission House siege aka  ‘Hero of Pasadizo Secreto’, who gave his life to help the cause.

The other three stamps, from 1971, commemorate the audacious bombing raid of the rebel HQ ten years previous. But rumour persists that what actually happened never appeared in the official reports.  Do these stamps give any indication of the truth?  Read the Aberystwyth books and judge for yourselves.

Included is a rebel label issued as pretence of a postage stamp, inciting the locals to rise up and Free Patagonia.

SK91 Clip SK91 SK92 The raid SK92

SK93 Lancaster bomber SK93 SK94 Bombing crew SK94

SK95 Rebel label SK95

Filthy Rebel Label

Welsh Colony of Patagonia Civil War special issues

SK NumberTypeDescription
91595D Clip, ‘Hero of Pasadizo Secreto’. Multicoloured
91s5D. Sheet of 12
92603D. The bombing raid – camouflage green
92s3D. Sheet of 12
93615D. The Lancaster bomber in flight – midnight blue
93s5D. Sheet of 12
94628D. The bombing crew – desert sand brown
94s8D. Sheet of 12
95635.5D. Rebel label – red and purple

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