The Bus Parcel Labels of the Bala Traction Co

In bygone days it was common for bus companies to operate a parcel post or delivery, often providing a supplementary system to the Royal Mail in rural areas. The Bala Motor Traction Co was no exception, running buses across mid-Wales to the coast and back. The owner and operator was Obediah Griffiths-Jones, well known in the town as a old fuss pot.

Aside from insisting on absolute punctuality of his small fleet of single-deckers, he had parcel labels printed colour coded for each class of goods, a range of values as they were priced by size, and latterly having supplies printed for all conceivable goods.

These are a few of those identified and a small sample are illustrated. The general layout of the labels remained untouched until the end of the service in the 1960s, but specialist collectors go nuts when they find a previously unidentified printing.

2d eggsSK74 2d News SK73

Ferrets 5pSK83 parcel 10d SK72 Scarecrow 10p SK89

The Bus Parcel Labels of the Bala Traction Co

SK NumberTypeDescription
The Early Issues
65423d Blue - Letters
663¼d Blue - Letters
67435d Green - Parcels
685d Yellow - Parcels
695d Purple - Parcles
708d Mauve - Parcels
718d Yellow - Parcels
7210d Green - Parcels
The Later Issues
73442d Blue - Newspapers
74452½d Yellow - Eggs (With Care)
75462½d Blue - Magazines
76473d Yellow - Potatoes
77443d Blue - Newspapers
78483¼d Blue - Letters
79443½d Blue - Newspapers
80463½d Blue - Magazines
81494d Yellow - Apples
82504d Purple - Chickens
83515d Purple - Ferrets
84525d Yellow - Pork
85536d Mauve - Broomsticks
86548d Mauve - Scythe
87558d Green - Slates
88569d Yellow - Carrots
895710d Mauve - Scarecrow
90581/2 Green - Coal

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